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When you are getting a car, it is fairly frequently recommended to take out a rental car insurance amex platinum. It’s basically a requirement, particularly if you are borrowing money to buy the vehicle. If you don’t have it, then the bank is basically saying that they won’t lend you the money to purchase the car unless the dealer comes up with their own insurance plan for you. You need to be aware of what this will cover and how much it really costs before purchasing it.

I remember when I first started renting cars, a long time ago. I didn’t know how to find the best deal on rental car insurance and soon found myself paying way too much for my coverage. Although I only rented a few times a year, I was paying more than if I used that money to purchase insurance from the car rental company!

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How to Access Rental Car Insurance Amex Platinum Coverage

You’re here because you know that the Amex Platinum rental car insurance perk is one of the best benefits. Rental car reimbursement to $75 a day is incredible news for those who drive for work, especially when it comes to leases. But Amex has a specific stipulation regarding access to your Rental Car Insurance: You must pay for the entire rental with your Platinum card.

This means if you use gift cards or any other method to cover some of the cost, you will not have access to coverage. While it would be nice if this wasn’t the case, Amex has chosen to be strict regarding how premium perks are accessed. However, there are ways around this rule. Below we’ll teach you how to get around it so that you can enjoy all that rental car insurance has to offer.

The American Express Platinum has one of the best insurances for Rental Cars. Two days ago I rented a car and got my rental car with coverage. I was wondering how to access this coverage and finally figured it out. In case you’re facing the same issue, here is what you need to do to access the benefits.

If you have recently signed up for the Amex Platinum card and travel frequently, then you are likely looking for ways to make your travels more enjoyable. Traveling is always fun but it tends to be stressful with making sure that all of your needs are met from checking in to your hotels to getting from one place to another. In addition, getting car rental insurance can also be an additional hurdle especially if you haven’t rented a car before.

How Does Amex Platinum Card Rental Car Insurance Work?

Many of us travel often and are required, at some point, to rent a car. For most, this isn’t much of an inconvenience, but it can be a pain because you pay for all of the extra insurance or you don’t get anything. Other cards offer primary insurance, but many of those don’t work for rentals and usually require a hefty annual fee. How does American Express Platinum rental car insurance work?

To pay for a rental car with an Amex Platinum, you must decline the insurance coverage, or decline it and use the Platinum card’s secondary coverage. This secondary coverage would protect you if damage were caused by all drivers on the card (all drivers with the same social security number). It is cheaper than using your own insurance.

How to get premium rental car insurance from Amex Platinum

Premium car rental insurance through Platinum or Centurion is one of the best perks of having an Amex Platinum. If you’re wondering why your card has this benefit and how to get it, you’ve come to the right place. Let me walk you through my experience with getting rental car insurance added to my Platinum card.

Many people who have the Amex Platinum card earn 1.25 points per dollar of general spend. This means, if you are a frequent traveler, you can earn more than enough points to cover your business and first class airfare, hotel stays, resort charges,

and much more. Another way to use your Amex Platinum card, is by using it for your car rental insurance provider. When you do, Amex partners with a select variety of insurance providers, who provide $50k in primary coverage for your car rental. You get an additional 7,500 Membership Rewards points as well!

American Express Premium Car Rental Insurance is one of the benefits for having an American Express Platinum card. Since I’m a huge fan of premium car rental insurance, I was already very familiar with this benefit before I got the Platinum card. But upon getting the card, I learned a few more things about the policy. So I’ll share five important things to be aware of with this insurance below.

Making a Claim on Rental Car Insurance Amex Platinum

I just got my American Express Platinum card in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to hear about its new benefit: rental car insurance. As someone who doesn’t own a car, I’m always renting from friends, or hopping into the occasional Uber (usually when the public transit system fails me). So for those of us that regularly rent cars, this new benefit can be pretty useful!

Travel can be an amazing experience, but it can also be costly. Most people look at the vacation budget, and travel costs and think they have to choose between one or the other. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to choose, because with Excess Insurance by American Express, rental car insurance can be bought at little or no extra cost.

The rental car insurance amex platinum is a nice addition to the card.

The rental car insurance amex platinum is a nice addition to the card. You can get $24 per day for your rental car, or $32 total per day for a trailer, camper or SUV. You can also drop off your rental at different location as this rental car insurance is available at over 25,000 locations nationwide. 

The Amex Platinum card is a great rewards card for many reasons, but one of my favorite is that you can get rental car insurance coverage on the card. The coverage is only secondary and not primary (meaning you need to pay for it up front). But rental car insurance amex platinum still nice to have and will save you some money in the long run. I’ve included why this coverage, who should get it, how much it costs, and more below.

The other day I was looking at my American Express Platinum Card bill, and noticed something I never expected to see. In with the charges for food and gas that I’ve been deducting to get the full $2500 in points, was “rental car insurance”. The charge was only $3.69, but it ended up saving me quite a bit of money. Let’s go over what the rental car insurance is and how it saved me money!

Rental car insurance amex platinum

Rental car insurance sounds out of place on a credit card, but the idea is that they give you protection while renting a car. In its efforts to be helpful and make you feel safer when you rent a vehicle it makes sense for them to offer some sort of coverage. The paperwork available from American Express did not go into any of this so it was good to learn about their policies.

Travelling is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. This is one of the joys of life and will provide you with a lot of positive emotions. If you travel often you not only get to experience all of these incredible parts of the world but you also get to explore your home country in a different light.

When you travel, you will be renting cars and unfortunately renting cars is not cheap, so it is important to find ways to save money. Here we have some things that will help ensure that you will have a safe trip without going broke from the stress of paying for expensive rental car insurance .

What You Need to Know About Rental Car Insurance with Amex Platinum Cards

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about why Costco offers the cheapest car insurance , and how you can save money on your vehicle insurance by becoming a Costco member. However, there may be even better option for your premium rental car insurance through American Express Platinum cards.

Rental car insurance is one of the benefits of the Amex Platinum cards. Some other card issuers offer it too. But it doesn’t hurt to inquire, as some might not offer it, even if they have similar cards. Which insurance company does American Express use for its rental car collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage?

Many of us have this question on our minds looking at the window while having a car service. Am I covered? Am I protected with $200,000 if the car is damaged? What about if I get into an accident? We’ve all been there and worried about these questions…right?

With the Platinum Charge Card Car Rental Insurance policy you are covered for a rental charge card loss, theft or damage for up to 50 days from the date of purchase or rental start date when you charge your rental car to an eligible American Express Platinum charge card.

When it comes to travel, there are all kinds of factors that can complicate it. Such as missed flights, lost luggage, or even an emergency at home that requires you to return early. When it comes to renting a car, things can get even more complicated. The most common complications revolve around deciding whether you need rental car insurance and how much coverage you need while driving.

Does Amex Platinum come with rental cars?

I hope you’re having a great weekend. I was at Costco over the weekend and overheard a guy ask if Amex Platinum card members get free rental cars. Amex Platinum is one of my favorite cards (with a $550 fee) as it comes with 5x on airfare and hotels, $200 in annual Uber credits, $100 credit towards TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry every 4 years (a value of $100-$120), and more benefits like rental car insurance.

There has been some recent confusion as to whether the American Express Platinum card comes with supplemental rental car coverage, leaving some people wondering if they will be covered in case of an accident while they are renting a car. Given how the rumors arose I’ve been seeing a number of comments around the web questioning this benefit, so I thought I would dig into the issue and provide some clarification.

Rental car insurance amex platinum always a question as to whether your American Express Platinum card comes with rental car insurance. Does it come with rental car insurance? Does the American Express Platinum card offer rental car insurance? If you have American Express Platinum, is rental car insurance amex platinum included with the card? Let’s take a look at the facts and find out.

Does American Express card offer rental car insurance?

Does American Express Platinum come with rental car insurance? That was the question I asked myself this summer as I packed my bags for a trip to Iceland. Before calling the rental agency and taking out more insurance from them, I wanted to know what in-house coverage that Amex provides when you book a car through their charge card.

One of the most asked questions about American Express Platinum is whether or not you get rental cars covered with the card. While I won’t tell you whether or not #rental_car_insurance_amex_platinum comes with rental car insurance — that’s something you need to ask your Company Benefits team—I will answer if Amex Platinum cardholders receive free upgrades on their car rentals.

How do I activate my American Express Car Rental insurance?

When you rent a car, the rental company offers you several types of insurance, depending on which country you are in. What type of coverage should you choose? Did you know that American Express offers more coverage than the rental car companies?

Recently, I needed to rent a car while I was away on business. I typically use Avis, but figured I’d try something new. I went with Dollar Rent A Car instead. They offered me a great deal that couldn’t be beat! But when I came to pick up my rental, they didn’t have the insurance that comes with Avis and other companies!

Does Amex Platinum have primary CDW?

I just got my American Express Platinum card and did a lot of comparison shopping. Was the annual fee worth it? Yes, definitely! Among a litany of wonderful perks, I’m stoked about the primary CDW insurance included with this card. But first, a little background.

Chase has just launched a new premium credit card called the Chase Sapphire Reserve. In addition to a $450 annual fee, great sign-up bonus, and $300 travel credit, a lesser known benefit is the primary CDW insurance they offer. rental car insurance amex platinum should be noted that this benefit applies only when your entire trip qualifies for the Chase Sapphire elite status you earn with the card (more on that later) and…

Since getting my Amex Platinum card I have had a few questions asked about the rental car insurance which often comes with this card. Many people don’t understand how rental car insurance amex platinum works so let me explain. Earlier this month I rented a Ford Mustang and was really excited, the lady at Hertz wanted to charge me $58 a day for the car but when she saw my Amex I got lucky…

What Amex car insurance covers

I recently rented a car and needed to buy some insurance for my trip. I thought since I had travel insurance through my credit card that the rental car company’s insurance would cover everything. Boy, was I wrong. Some of you might be thinking the same thing. So we decided to put together this list of what Amex car insurance covers in case you need it in the future.

Like most other cardholders, I use my American Express (Amex) credit card for pretty much all of my purchases. And like most other Amex users, I have been tempted to take advantage of the offered insurance coverage. American Express offer both primary and secondary car insurance coverage for a variety of situations including theft, accident, damage and more.

Car insurance is not just one of the most confusing and costly expenses associated with rental cars. rental car insurance amex platinum also one of the top questions you should be asking when renting any type of vehicle. No matter what car you’re driving and where you rent it there are certain basic laws regarding insurance coverage in every state. To get a better idea about what to expect, I went ahead and asked a rep from American Express about their coverage limits and the deductible amount for physical damage for my own peace of mind.

  • Section: If you’re a premium credit card user, chances are that you have rental car insurance on your card.
  • Section: The first thing to know is that the Amex Platinum Card provides up to $75,000 in primary coverage for vehicle damage or theft when you use your card to reserve and pay for the full price of the car.
  • Section: This includes rented cars and moving trucks.
  • Section: Coverage applies up to 30 days per trip regardless of the number of times you rent during that stretch.
  • Section: The Amex Platinum Card also offers up to $75,000 in emergency medical evacuation coverage for injuries incurred while in a rental vehicle.
  • Section: The emergency medical evacuation provision covers up to $50,000 per emergency and $500 per covered person for medically necessary transportation from an accident site to a hospital, or from a hospital to another facility for further treatment.
  • Section: The American Express Business Platinum Card also offers up to $75,000 in primary coverage for vehicle damage or theft when you use your card to reserve and pay for the full price of the car.
  • Section: Both cards offer secondary coverage if any other individual or organization is responsible for the damage or loss and is obligated to

Most cards on this list offer rental car insurance through secondary cardholders (as well as primary cardholders). That means, if you’re a parent with an American Express Platinum card, your child can use the coverage when they rent a car.

Similarly, if you have an Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card — which don’t have credit score requirements and cannot be used to pay for the rental — your spouse can use their coverage to pay for the rental. They’ll need to authorized by the primary cardholder first, but provided there is enough coverage available (try using an online cost estimator before you pack up and hit the road) it should not be a problem.

If you plan on renting a vehicle the next time you are traveling, then rental car insurance amex platinum is of extreme importance that you make sure to get the correct rental car insurance. If you do not have valid rental insurance, and if you happen to get into an accident, then the consequences could be very severe indeed. If you take nothing else away from this article, make sure that you at least understand this piece of information: always make sure that you have the proper rental car insurance before ever even thinking about getting behind the wheel of a new or used vehicle.

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